Digital Passport – China

Unlock access to billions of new customers in China with our in-country specialists trained to connect brands and consumers; rapidly building an infrastructure that delivers the ability to penetrate the Chinese market with agility and speed.

Expectations Pose Obstacles for Retailers Entering the Chinese Market

With a population of close to 2 billion people and mobile commerce growing 51.4 percent year-on-year to reach $505.74 billion in 2016, China represents massive opportunity for retailers. However, barriers to entry make cross border commerce virtually impossible without a dedicated, in-country team of Change Agents.

Today, Chinese customers expect online chat assistance, product and service reviews, standard delivery in 1-2 days, and a full spectrum of payment methods, such as AliPay, WeChat pay, Cash on Delivery, Installment payments, and “gifting” or pay on the behalf of someone else. Forcing retail brands to provide more attention in selecting touch points and adapting content to the Chinese market.


In-Country Change Agents with Deep Understanding of the Chinese Market

Our deep-rooted, local know-how of Chinese consumers enables our Change Agents to help brand partners create effective digital commerce experiences, no matter the platform (Tmall, WeChat or your new .cn). Our expertise in creative, customer service, logistics, management, operations, strategy, technology, and most importantly user experience localization will enhance your brand’s image digitally and drive conversion through the features and functionality that Chinese customers expect.

With an increase in retail touch points for new Chinese consumers our Change Agents provide a seamless consumer shopping experience across all new channels.

Customer Service

Dedicated and trained support staff ready to handle pre and post-sale enquires; with 99% chat-focused availability.

Logistics & Warehouse

Suzhou fulfillment center with 24/7 security, preferred payment methods such as Cash on Delivery and final-mile logistics that provides SMS updates to customers.

Localized Marketing

Focused on acquisition, retention and loyalty across all channels of distribution via Search Engine Marketing, Word of Mouth and paid media buys.

Multi-Channel Management

From Tmall, Jingdong, WeChat, Weibo and your new, localized .CN website, we provide full channel management to meet the demand of the Chinese consumer.


In-Country Solutions to Access Over 1.5 Billion New Consumers

We help brands understand the barriers to entry surrounding their desired critical business goals in China by aligning their strategies and quickly producing results. Providing an integrated solution that enables consistent product, pricing and promotions across all Chinese-lead channels as well as maintaining the highest commitment to adhering to the brand’s messaging and vision.